You can become a part of the magic at Heartland 2020 in three different ways: Single days-, Partout- and Wonderland ticket.

    Read more about the options below:

    Single days ticket

    If you only are able to join Heartland for one day, you can buy a Friday-, Saturday- or Sunday ticket. With your single day ticket, you can enjoy the TALKS of the day, be a part of the Tasteland workshops, listen to some MUSIC, interact with the ART and eat a lot of good FOOD at one of our many restaurants and stalls. 

    Single day tickets will be available later.


    If you need to get the full experience, a partout ticket is the way to go. With the partout ticket you will get full access to the festival site all three days – and you will have plenty of time to explore the ART installations, eat a lot of good FOOD from the stalls and restaurants, sit and enjoy some TALKS and get surprised by all MUSIC concerts.  

    Wonderland ticket: Single day or Partout

    Wonderland is a new area at Heartland where you can get the extra service, you would not expect on a festival. With your Wonderland-ticket you will get access to an area where you can relax and get ready for a new day at Heartland. You can be guided by the Wonderland reception, take a nap, charge your phone or store your belongings in a personal wardrobe. 

    Wonderland single day tickets will be available later.

    Information for disabled guests
    Please note that Heartland Festival takes place in a hilly landscape. To purchase tickets for disabled guests please contact Ticketmaster’s customer service at 0045 7015 6565.