At Heartland 2018 you can experience two contemporary art programs; the National Temporary Program and the International Contemporary Program. Common to both art programs is that they can be seen in the open sky in Egeskov's beautiful castle park, which represents a unique framework for contemporary art. Egeskov Castle is in the power of its total environment, consisting of a number of well-preserved buildings, landscapes and gardens, a very special place to present contemporary art. Egeskov represents a kind of "plastic geography", which, through its hyperkultured landscape of chalets, mansions, museums and agriculture, mirrors a number of the issues that occupy our society in these years, for example. environment, technology and social affairs.

Overall, Egeskov's environment from the historical period in which man developed modern science, technology, and formulated an increasingly robust mandate for himself in the world. Today, trust in our self-authority is changing. This is due, inter alia, to climate discussions, international conflicts, new media and new technologies that question our ability to take responsibility for the world. Egeskov's amazing setting therefore sets a unique scene for presenting projects that reflect critically on man's self-created world and relationships with the surroundings.


Heartland Contemporary

Heartland Contemporary presents one major international name each year, which has a good place in the landscape and can take artistic basis in the longer lines of history and the world, such as Egeskov's ca. 500-year history invites to actualize - for example, questions about human technological or scientific development and the relationship with nature and our fellow human beings.


The Great Silence
Allora & Calzadilla
Multi kanal HD videoinstallation. 16:32 min.
En udstilling kurateret af Heartland Festival
31. maj - 2. juni 2018, Egeskov Slot

Screen Shot 2018-09-25 at 15.24.32.png

Heartland Temporary

Heartland Temporary tager udgangspunkt i kontrasten mellem Egeskovs århundrede år gamle slotspark og festivalens midlertidige ”bylandskab”. Idéen er hvert år at invitere en ny, ung kurator til at kuratere en række etablerede, men yngre, danske kunstnere, der beskæftiger sig med temaer fra den verden, vi står i netop nu.


The Object is to Change the Soul
Ditte Gantriis, Lea Guldditte Hestelund
Marie Thams & Kirsten Astrup
En udstilling kurateret af Iben Elmstrøm
31. maj - 2. juni 2018, Egeskov Slot