Skaldyrsfad for 1-2 personer m. brød, smør, citronmayonnaise og vinaigrette
- Østers Fine de Clair
- Koldvandsrejer
- Jomfruhummer
- Krabbekløer
- Konksnegle

Tilkøb til skaldyrsfadet
- Halv hummer
- Hel hummer
- 50 g baerii caviar fra Rossini
- 6 Fine de Clair østers

Musling Bistro and Falsled Kro merge their kitchens to create a delicate culinary experience: Heartland’s wine and shellfish bar. The two restaurants share a fondness for the sustainable, local and tasty ingredients. Get a table on the beautiful terrace overlooking the Highland stage, where they’ll open oysters, pour wine and serve our flavourfull seafood dish. Rejoice to fresh, well prepared seafood and juicy wines, of the highest quality.