You can drive almost directly to the festival site and parking is available throughout the festival. The festival area and Egeskov Castle are situated a few kilometers outside the town of Kværndrup on Freeway 9 which runs between Odense and Svenborg and connects with Freeway E20 that connects Funen with both Sealand (Copenhagen) and Jutland.. The address is Egeskov Slot, Egeskovgade 22, 5572 Kværndrup. See location here:  

We have divided parking into two zones in order to secure an efficient and pleasant arrival at Egeskov  - a FREE ZONE and a PAY ZONE

  • FREE ZONE: The free parking zone is placed just outside Kværndrup and is a 20-minute walk from the festival entrance. Free shuttle busses are available to and from the festival from Thursday to Sunday. See location here:
  • PAY ZONE: The pay zone is placed at the festival entrance and will be guarded at all times. Further information will be updated when the details are ready. NOTE THAT: parking is at own risk. There will be volunteer guards in the area, but we cannot guarantee that your car will be guarded at all times.

Free shuttle busses are available between Kværndrup Station/Free Parking and Egeskov Castle from Thursday to Sunday. The bus ride only takes about four minutes.
At night, busses from the festival site to Odense, Svendborg, and Faaborg will be running approximately once an hour from midnight till the festival site closes. You will need to purchase a ticket for the night bus.
Addresses at end destinations are:
Odense: Odense M (Hotel Knudsens Gaard) and Odense C (Dannebrogsgade)
Svendborg: Vestergade
Faaborg: Hotel Faaborg Fjord, Svendborgvej 175

With public transport from both Aarhus and Copenhagen you can be at the festival in less than two hours. If you take the Svendborg-line from Odense Station, you can get off at Kværndrup Station and ride a shuttle bus to the festival site.

If you arrive on bike, you’re cool! You will be able to park and lock your bike at a designated area. This area will not be guarded, so remember to bring a secure lock.