The Heartland Festival camp site is located right next to the actual festival site (200 m) and offers a variety of accommodation rather you wish to pitch your own tent og buy upgrade to specially designed living arrangements.

The camp site offers all the necessary sanitary facilities, as well as the option to purchase of food and drink. Our volunteer camping stewards are present to ensure our gusts a smooth stay as well as securing that things are in order. 

To enter the camping area guests must present a “Camping Pass Wrist Band”. These are only valid along side with festival wristband an can be purchased in the Heartland ticket store from November 2018 at - read more below under "camping pass / own tent."

Camping area opens Thursday May 31st at 4 pm and closes Monday June 3rd at 12 am (Noon).

When you arrive at the festival check in and get your wrists bands by the main entrance the follow the signs towards "Camping".

Pitch your own tent at the camping site.

It is free to pitch a tent, but to enter the camping area, each person must hold a camping pass (wrist band) to show at the camping entrance. A camping pass is only valid together with a festival bracelet. This means that if 2 people are sleeping in the same tent, both must buy a camping pass and festival ticket.


If you wish to avoid the hassle of carrying and pitching your own tent and instead just go straight to the festival, you can buy a pre-pitched tent, which is ready for you when you arrive.

The Royal Tenthouse is a comfortable luxury sleeping space. This living arrangement works like a mini cottage that is raised slightly above the ground and has a real double mattress (135x200). There even are space for luggage is dry and safe. Moreover, theis power outlets installed so you can charge your phone.

At the main entrance you will be given your Tenthouse number and camping wristbands. On the camping area, the Camping Info Desk can also help you find your tent.

Included in the price are two camping passes that are needed in order to get into the camping site.

If you want to bring your own caravan or auto camper, there is a reserved area on the campsite. Upon arrival you get assigned a spot for the camper, where you park.

Included in the caravan ticket are 4 pcs camping pass, that you will need to enter the camping area. If you plan to be more that 4 pax in your camper, and need additional camping passes, these can be purchased separately.

Be aware that gas is not allowed in the carriages and there is no power suply at the camping area.

Furthermore it is not allowed to park the car in the camping area. When the caravan is driven into his seat, the car must be parked in the parking lot at the main entrance (Egeskov Gade 22).